Tom Council
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Choral CD (On request) 1. Prayer for Peace SATB ; Ouachita Baptist U. Singers; ALLIANCE Music Inc. 2003 2. O My Lovely Shepherdess ,TTBB /unacc. The Texas Voices ; COLLA VOCE Music, Inc 2004 3. O Magnum Mysterium , TTBB The Texas Voices; Published COLLA VOCE, late 2009 4. Let Us Break Bread Together, SATB WLP Choir; WORLD LIBRARY PUBLICATIONS 2006 5. In the Bleak Midwinter ,SATB/ acc. The Texas Voices; COLLA VOCE 2010 6. Follow the Drinking Gourd ,SATB The Texas Voices; COLLA VOCE . 7. Clap Your Hands, Two Part Hal Leonard Choir; HAL LEONARD Publications 2006 8. The Angel Gabiel , SATB The Texas Voices; United Methodist Publishing, 2003 9. The Kiss, Varsity Treble Choir of Booker T. Washington HSPVA; ALLIANCE Music Inc, 2008 10. The SunDancer:, SATB with Native American Flute (Flute) The Texas Voices; unpublished 2007 Published Works: A Boy is Born in Bethlehem (Puer Natus) 1984, SAB Plymonth Music Co. COLLA VOCE He Whom Joyous Shepherds Praised (Quem Pastores) 1985, SATB COLLA VOCE Angel Song SATB, 1992 Hal Leonard Corporation Lullaby SSA, 1992, Hal Leonard Cororation In The Merry Month of May SSA, 1997, Hal Leonard Cor. For The Beauty of the Earth, SSA 1999, Southern Music Co. Rise Up, O Men of God TTB, 2000, Hal Leonard Cor. Prayer for Peace TTBB, 2003, Alliance Music Publications, Inc (UIL Gr. IV) Prayer for Peace SATB 2003, Alliance Music Publication, Inc ‘Tis Spring Time SATB, 2004, Hal Leonard Cor. Come, Let Us Use the Grace Divine SATB, 2004, COLLA VOCE O My Lovely Shepherdess TTBB, 2004, COLLA VOCE Stars of the Summer Night TBB, 2005, Hal Leonard Cor. Clap your Hands 2 pt. 2006 Hal Leonard, Inc (UIL Gr. II) Let Us Break Bread Together SATB, 2006, World Library Publications. Prayer for Praise Hal Leonard Cor. 2008 The Kiss Alliance Music Inc. 2008 In The Bleak Midwinter COLLA VOCE We are the Music Makers COLLA VOCE O Magnum Mysterium COLLA VOCE Stars of the Summer Night TBB RBC Publications 2011 Follow The Drinking Gourd SATB a cappella COLLA VOCE Two Gazed into a Pool – SSA a cappella COLLA VOCE Christ Lay in a Manger (SATB a cappella) CPH Four Prayers For Advent, SATB, a cappella  CPH Scraping Up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea SATB, a cappella, COLLA VOCE Adam Lay Ybounden SATB, a cappella COLLA VOCE Adam Lay Ybounden, TTBB, a cappella, COLLA VOCE Choral Works included in the following collections: Works by Tom Council on the GBOD 1. All Creatures Of Our God And King (Organ) 2. Angel Gabriel 3. Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation 4. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (Hymn Intrada IV) 5. Come And Share Our Bread – Contemporary Communion Song 6. Come and Share Our Bread: Praise Anthem for World Communion Sunday 7. Come, Holy Spirit 8. Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy — Choral Introit 9. Doxology And Gloria Patri 10. For All the Saints 11. Gloria Patri (Council) 12. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (for SATB a cappella choir and soloist) 13. I Will Give Thanks: A Setting of Psalm 111 14. Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley – Choral Introit 15. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (Council) – Choral Introit 16. The Lord’s Prayer – For choir or congregation and choir 17. Musical Setting for Holy Communion 18. O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing (Hymn Intrada III, Azmon) 19. O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing: Introit for Easter 20. O Wondrous Sight! O Vision Fair – Transfiguration Hymn 21. Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow (Contemporary) 22. Prepare The Way Of The Lord (Council) – Choral Introit 23. Santo (Holy) 24. This Is A Great And Joyous Day – Choral Introit for Easter 25. Uniting Love 26. We Believe in One True God 27. What Wondrous Love Is This: Choral Introit for Lent 28. Be Thou My Vision 29. Christ Has no Body now on Earth 30. o God, We Ain’t What We Oughta Be. Songs for Sight-Singing Vol 2 HS/JHS . SATB, SAB   1989 Southern Music Songs for Sight-Singing Vol. 3 JHS/MS Treble 1999, Southern Music Songs for Sight-Singing Vol 3 HS Treble, 2001, Southern Music Glencoe Press  ( Hal Leonard Inc.  Music for Sight Reading. 2005 Come, Again Sweet Love Doth Now Invite TBB Night, TBB Night, SSA The River, SSA From All That Dwell, SATB, SAB Spring Song, SATB, SAB Perusal copies of the following titles  may be obtained on request Sacred Works O Wondrous Sight, O Vision Fair (Transfiguation Sunday)  SATB, organ  1997/2006. God Created heaven and Earth (Taiwanesse Melody, SATB, percussion 1997 Mantos Y Palmas (Ruben Ruiz)  SATB, Acc. 2000 At the Name of Jesus  (Vaughan Williams)   SATB  acc. arr. 2002 Pues  Si Vivimos (Spanish Melody) SATB  acc. 2003 O God of Every Nation (with “My Country ‘tis of Thee”)  SATB, acc. 2003 Sing All Creation, TBB, a cappella 2004 We Are One in the Spirit revised 2004 God So Loved The World, SATB a cappella, 2005 All Earth is Waiting, SATB, acc. 2005 Adam Lay Y Bounden  SATB a cappella, 2006 Four Choral Prayers   SATB, a cappella  2006-2007 Like a River Holy God Create in Me Holy One A New Creed, SATB a cappella, 2007 Introits: I.  All earth is Waiting   1998 II.  Come Ye Sinners  1997 III.  I will Praise  the Name of God 1997 IV.  Come, Let us use the Grace Divine,  1998 Light the Advent Candle,  SATB Piano arr. 2004 Witness – SATB, a cappella,  2004 All My Hope is Firmly Grounded  Hubert Howells, SATB, organ arr. 2006 Choral Response – March 2007  (from Choral Prayer “Create In Me.” Be Thou My Vision, SATB, A cappella, April, 2008 Hymn Intradas (Introduction of hymns for choir and organ) i.   All Creatures of our God and King  May 1996 II.  Christ is made the Sure Foundation  1997, revised 2003 III. O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing, 1997 revised 2004 IV. Christ the Lord is Risen todayt, 1997, revised 2000, 2003 Hymns O Love, How Deep, 1999 Child of blessing  (Baptism) 2006 Hymn Discants In the Midst of New Dimensions,  2005 O Breath of Life.   2006 When in Our Music  2006 Welcome To the Table  (Communion Setting)  2000, SATB, congregation, Piano, bass,  percusion (two Players), two flutes (optional) Kyrie Gloria Credo (Nicene Creed) Sanctus Lord’s Prayer Agnus Dei Secular Works. Look To This Day – SATB, a cappella  2005 Set Me As a Seal – SATB, a cappella  2006 Follow the Drinking Gourd,  SATB, a cappella,  2006 We Are the Music Makers, SATB and Brass,  2008 Two Gazed Into a Pool, June, 2007 The Kiss,  July 2007 SunDancer  SATB and flute (NAF),  Feb 2008 Scraping Up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea  2009